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Monday May 6, 2013
9:00 – 11:00
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

"Global Leadership – the Courage to Change" is the theme to be explored at the CIM 2013 Convention plenary in Toronto.

The CIM Convention Plenary is the marquee event that sets the stage for the CIM Convention’s rigorous, three-day, multi-stream technical program, for which CIM is renowned. It will serve as an important catalyst for establishing the direction, tone and caliber of the presentations, dialogues and face-to-face exchanges that will take place over the course of the event.

As such, the panelists invited to participate on the plenary are among the leading thinkers and practitioners in their respective fields. They are brought together not only to offer insights about their particular area of expertise, but also to promote the development cross-functional synergies. The variety of perspectives brought by the plenary panellists – who come from different facets related to the industry – is integral to this dynamic. By bringing together a solid and diversified line-up, we seek to open up our minds to discover synergies that we didn’t know existed previously; to become the change we want to see.

To facilitate such a pivotal encounter, CIM has again confirmed CBC journalist Mark Kelley as moderator.

The Theme: The mining industry continues to face the challenges of managing tremendous growth against the backdrop of a shifting global political landscape and an unpredictable super-cycle. This has resulted in the need to consider fundamental changes to the some of the ways that we do business. Companies are reorganizing corporate assets and seeking out new opportunities, while at the same time recalibrating to respond more nimbly to a dynamic M&A environment, fluctuating market capital and a feeding frenzy for C-level executives.

Why Courage?: Many of these changes will necessitate significant paradigm shifts in our business models, adjustments to our corporate strategies and the creation of new boardroom dynamics — some of which may not come easily or naturally. Considering the challenges our industry faces, we will need to pool the collective intellectual resources of our boldest and most innovative change-masters.

At the CIM Convention 2013 in Toronto we hope to open the door for such a bold exchange.

The Panelists: CIM will soon announce other panellists who complement each other in areas such as risk and capital investment, operational excellence, international development, innovation and leadership succession planning. We will be seeking top-tier participants and hope to include your perspective in this endeavour. The time commitment is not great, but the potential impact of your participation could be great.


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