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CIM gave an opportunity to have good partners and now we are planning to sign an agreement to be a representative of these companies in West Africa.

Bamogo Brandos William
Directeur General
Brancodi Sarl

Networking by Design

Business networking is a socio-economic activity that enables like-minded businesspeople to recognize, create or act upon business opportunities. Being connected to peers who can make a difference in your business heightens a professional’s a visibility within his or her circle. Industry functions, networking groups, conventions and other gatherings give business people the tools they need to build new professional relationships and generate business opportunities. Networking has taken on a brand new meaning.

Monday, May 6
Time: 7:30 to 8:30
Price: $20

Increasingly, professionals are joining business social networks to grow their networks, position their brand and promote their value online. Learning which channel to join and how to tap into its potential can be crucial to growing your business, reaching new markets and getting instant feedback from customers and stakeholders.

Professionals are expanding their network globally and participating in conversations that reach millions of people through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And these are only a few of the networks that make it easy to share, learn and connect with your target clientele in real time.

Join us for breakfast to learn the tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your social engagement. Experience the power of virtual networking by joining the conversation with professionals present – right here, right now – at the CIM Convention!

Tuesday, May 7
Time: 7:30 to 8:30
Price: $20

The longstanding image of the wise, older sage imparting wisdom and knowledge to the younger, less experienced protégé no longer epitomizes the typical mentoring relationship. “Modern” mentoring relationships are far more varied and wider in scope. They involve high levels of cross-learning and are characterized by a mutually beneficial professional development relationship.

Today’s mentoring relationships adjust to fulfill the needs of professionals of all ages. They enable young leaders with experience in the newest technology to be mentors to senior workers, who may not be taking full advantage of the power of technology. Likewise, they ensure that experienced peers impart leadership skills, competencies and behaviours to their younger counterparts so that the latter can continue to build a solid, stable organization with promising growth prospects.

Mentors and mentees currently have different roles from their past counterparts and varied approaches to networking. They must be able to teach, coach and impart knowledge to each other and be open to the two-way exchange of ideas and visions.

Join us for breakfast and hear from two dynamic duos whose mentoring relationships provide great value to their counterparts’ careers.


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