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The 2012 CIM conference was my very first time to partake an international mining event. The success of the CIM conference and the benefit I derived from it in Networking and in showing the wide range of the natural resources of Guinea has no equal. As I was participating to this event as the Acting Director of the GUINEA CHAMBER OF MINES my eyes were opened on the need of organizing a procurement committee in Guinea of suppliers who will be the local representatives of the Canadian companies.

Jean Edouard SAGNO
External Relations Manager
Guinea Chamber of Mines


Face-to-Face mining encounter without borders
May 7th 8:00 to 12:00

To register and obtain a password and username specific to "Face-to-Face – mining meeting without borders", please register for the activity and pay this specific registration fee.

Take part in the Face to Face program, a powerful meeting of the minds.

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Experience the business equivalent to speed-dating. Face to Face consists of pairing participants with their top prospective business partners based on specific criteria provided. Matches made in business heaven! Each exclusive meeting allows you to identify business opportunities, develop new market niches, create strategic alliances and find new distributors, suppliers or sub-contractors. Seats are limited – first come, first served.

In the seven working days after your registration, you will receive an identification document that will help in determining your Face to Face meetings.

  • Simply fill out the form describing your business, products and/or services and indicate the type of meetings or partners you are looking forward to meeting
  • Every party’s information is then posted online to help you compile your meeting wish-list
  • All wish lists are then entered into the matchmaking software program; which sets-up personalized meeting schedules after taking into account the preferences and priorities of each participant
  • As a participant you will then receive your personalized meeting agenda.

How it works

  • All the meetings are conducted in one room
  • Every 15-minute meeting is conducted at a table as a face to face encounter
  • A sound signal indicates that the meeting is over and the participants head to their next meeting
  • You will be able to reserve seats and time slots during the morning sessions to pursue discussions with these contacts in the afternoon.

A recent Forbes survey revealed, among other things, that:

  • 87% of company managers surveyed preferred face to face meetings
  • 92% think such an approach saves them time and 88% say it saves money
  • 85% believe such an approach creates a more solid and stronger relationship
  • 77% believe such an approach allows them to better assess another person
  • 75% believe such an approach creates better social interaction

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