April 21, 2018
  CIM Magazine - Standards Column
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CIM Magazine is the leading publication of the Canadian minerals industry. Published 8 times per year, it focuses on the major trends and challenges facing industry today.

The Standards Column within CIM Magazine offers practical information and "how-to" articles for professionals working on resource/reserve reporting and mineral valuation. Written by experts in the field, the column reads like an on-going, up-to-date manual on guidelines and best practices.

Mineral Agreements & Royalties
CIM Special Volume 55 by Karl Harries

This two-volume set is a compilation and update of the author's previous three books:

Mining Exploration Agreements (1994), Mining Royalties Between Private Parties (1996), and Entry and Work on Private Property (1997).

The books are not legal texts but rather generic guides that are intended to assist anyone involved directly or indirectly in the mineral exploration industry. They are written in an informal manner and cover a wide variety of subjects that one may encounter in either exploration or the negotiation of property acquisition agreements.

They examine the subjects from the points-of-view of both the explorationist and property owner. Special Volume 55 is available in both hard copy and on CD.

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Mineral Resources / Reserves & Valuation Standards
Mineral Resources/Reserves & Valuation Standards

CIM Special Volume 56

This volume contains the current Canadian Reporting Standards for Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves.

The table of contents includes:

  • Canadian and Other Selected Reporting Standards
  • Canadian Stock Exchanges Documents
  • CIM Best Practice Guidelines
  • Industry Practice Articles
  • Canadian and Other Selected Valuation Standards


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