February 21, 2018
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CSA-CIM Working Committee
About CSA-CIM Working Committee
The CIM Reserve Definition Committee participates in a working group with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) to help identify needs and provide the required expertise to build effective guidelines, standards and best practices.

The CSA brings forward areas in which they require CIM's contributions and guidelines development. This joint committee has contributed to the development of a number of documents and amendments.

Reasonable Prospects for Economic Extraction
In June 2009, the British Columbia Securities Commission, on behalf of the CSA NI 43-101 Revision Committee, requested that CIM consider several issues associated with the reporting of Resources and Reserves.

In particular, CSA asked CIM to consider providing additional guidance on how qualified persons should determine reasonable prospects of economic extraction for the purposes of establishing mineral resources.

The CIM Reserve Definitions Committee (the Committee) has reviewed the request to provide additional guidance on the "reasonable prospects for economic extraction" clause in the CIM Definition Standards and has reported the findings.

PDF- Additional Guidance - Reasonable Prospects for Economic Extraction (12/15/2009)