Women of Innovation

The Influence of Leading Canadian Female Engineers

Women of Innnovation

The project Women of Innovation aims to recognize and document the experiences and accomplishments of innovative Canadian female engineers and to disseminate their inspiring stories through a peer-reviewed publication and a symposium at a national conference.

The persistent underrepresentation of women in STEM disciplines is particularly significant and even more apparent in many of the engineering fields. According to Engineers Canada, in 2014 women represented only 12% of licensed professional engineers in Canada. It is essential that the engineering profession attracts talent with great and varied skills; therefore, it is all the more significant women continue to be underutilized and underrepresented.

Between May 2016 and April 2017, the project organizers will conduct 20-25 in-depth interviews with female engineers who are leading innovators in Canada. These interviews will be condensed and compiled into a peer-reviewed book for publication. Electronic copies of the manuscript will be widely distributed amongst engineering schools and faculties, professional engineering associations, and to the various communities and groups of partners and stakeholders involved in the project.

To further assist in the dissemination of the project, interviewees will be invited to participate as expert panelists at a one-day symposium, to be held in Vancouver on Wednesday, August 30rd, 2017, during the 2017 Conference of Metallurgists (COM). The symposium will be used as a way to highlight the achievements of these women and to reflect on how they have changed the face of engineering. It will also provide an important opportunity to develop future strategies to encourage more women to consider careers in engineering.

The innovation and influence of Canadian female engineers is still unrecorded. Through these oral history interviews, the publication of a manuscript, and the symposium, this project aims to build the collective and individual memories of women in engineering. By recovering and writing the stories of these women’s lives, this project will also pay tribute to the accomplishments of Canadian women in engineering; inspire current engineers to become innovators in their field; and provide girls and women with inspiring role models that could lead them to pursue careers in STEM.

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