General Hydrometallurgy

The symposium on General Hydrometallurgy at COM 2017 is a late addition, based on requests and recommendations from people in Academia and Industry, to provide a platform where hydrometallurgical papers unrelated to either the Nickel and Cobalt or the World Gold symposia can be presented at COM 2017.

The General Hydrometallurgy symposium will bring together internationally recognized scientists, engineers and plant operators knowledgeable in hydrometallurgical processes to share and discuss the most recent developments in the metal processing.

Session topics include:

  • hydrometallurgical processing of ores,
  • concentrates and other feed materials, as well as the
  • recovery of associated valuable by-products

Papers will be presented on existing operations, projects in the pipeline, R&D initiatives, emerging technologies, leaching, solvent extraction, purification, liquid-solid separation and metals refining.

A balance between industrial and academic papers is planned, with emphasis on papers that describe novel approaches taken to solve difficult processing problems.

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Organizing committee:
Liana Centomo,
Dimitrios Filippou,
Juris Harlamovs,

Call for Abstracts Deadline
Extended! Until January 31, 2017

Paper Submission Deadline
March 1, 2017

Paper Review Process Begins
February 1, 2017 – April 15, 2017

Final Paper Submission Deadline
May 1, 2017

Author Registration Deadline
May 15, 2017

Student Poster Session Opens
March 1, 2017

Early-bird Registration
June 23, 2017

Student Poster Session Closes
August 1, 2017


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