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COM 2017 Hosting World Gold and Nickel Cobalt Short Courses

Learn before our events with our intensive courses; its a great way to keep up with current trends. Courses are open to non-delegates of the conference.

Short Courses will be organized Saturday, August 26 and 27, 2017

General Information

Short Course Notes are digitally distributed. Delegates are required to bring their laptops to have access to the course material.

Short Courses 1.5-2 days  

  • $800 for conference participants / $400 for student delegates
  • Short course only registration $1000 regular/$600 students
  • includes continentals breakfasts, coffee breaks, luncheons and electronic course notes

Short Courses 1 day

  • $500 for conference participants / $250 for student delegates
  • Short course only registration $700 regular/$450 students
  • includes continental breakfast, coffee breaks, luncheon and electronic course notes
Prices are subject to change. The MetSoc of CIM organization reserves the right to cancel short courses if not enough participants are registered.


Short Courses offered:

  1. Introduction to Hydrometallurgy -2 days
  2. Energy in Mining and Metallurgy-1.5 days
  3. Gold Processing -2 days
  4. Materials Selection and Equipment Reliability for the Mining Industry-1 day

Introduction to Hydrometallurgy -2 days

Organizer: Edouard Asselin, UBC

This course covers both the fundamental (thermodynamics and kinetics) and applied (engineering) aspects of the major hydrometallurgical steps: leaching, separation, and recovery of metals, with emphasis on nickel and cobalt processing and process options. Case studies of current and past operations will be presented. Discussions will center on chemical reactions, flowsheets and operational challenges. The intended audience includes engineers, plant superintendents, and research and development staff in the mineral processing and metallurgical industries, as well as chemical, mining and metallurgical engineering students.

Organized by the Hydrometallurgy Section of MetSoc of CIM

Energy for Metallurgists -1.5 days

Organizer: Noelene Ahern, Autec

Have you ever considered how much energy is used in mineral and metallurgical processing? Energy quantification, optimization and innovation can have a significant impact on productivity, operating costs and environmental footprint.

In this course, we will begin by understanding energy as it pertains to metallurgists, by examining what impacts energy performance and how it is quantified and influenced and how to identify opportunities to better manage and optimize energy usage. We will also examine energy supply options, including renewable energy, and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Finally, we will discuss how to integrate improvement in energy and environmental performance with production.

The course will include selected case studies on energy optimization and innovation in mining, metallurgy, and mineral processing, as well as interactive sessions to ensure that you gain practical tools and skills that can be applied back in your workplace.

Primary Presenters:

Bill Tubbs
Energy Optimization and Management Lead, Hatch
Bill Tubbs is a management consultant with over 16 years’ experience developing and implementing programs to improve the operational performance and sustainability of large, industrial manufacturing operations. He excels in engaging people at all levels of an organization as well as in the analysis of production and maintenance management practices. Bill specializes in production optimization, energy management and the design and implementation of effective energy management systems and practices in mining and mineral processing facilities.  

Chih-Ting Lo
Principal, EELO Solution
Chih-Ting Lo is a 14-year veteran in strategic energy management with a focus in the mining industry. Her experience in energy spreads among clean energy supply, innovation, and demand side management. She has demonstrated that mining operations can generate free cash flow without impacting their core business activities by implementing a comprehensive and practical energy program. Chih-Ting is a regular guest lecturer at BCIT and a coach for energy managers.

Gold Processing - 2 days

Organizer: Peter Lind, Goldcorp

The course has historically been offered with the World Gold Conference. Modules to be included: 

  • Characterization
  • Pre-Concentration
  • Comminution
  • Flotation
  • Leaching
  • Non-Cyanide Lixiviants
  • Pressure Oxidation, Roasting, and Biox
  • Environmental Aspects
  • CN Destruction

Materials Selection and Equipment Reliability for the Mining Industry-1 day

Organizer:Wilson Pascheto, XPS 

Throughout the course, practical examples from the mining industry will be used, including examples from mining, milling, smelting, hydrometallurgy and refineries. The applicability of key knowledge related to the mining industry will be emphasized.  

  • Corrosion Failure Mechanisms 8 basic forms of corrosion
  • Wear Mechanisms and Prevention
  • Materials Selection Methodology
  • The effects of fabrication on corrosion
  • Corrosion prevention of metallic materials
  • Selection and application of non-metallic materials (FRP, thermoplastics, thermosets, masonry, composities and coatings)
  • Fabrication specifications, quality control, inspection and testing  



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