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COM 2013 Conference of Metallurgist Hosted by MS&T13
Advanced Materials, Processes and Evaluation Methods for Aerospace and Defence Applications


COM_2013_AerospaceStructural materials play a vital role in aerospace and defence systems. The needs to design and manufacture novel materials with enhanced mechanical and environmental properties, lighter weight, longer service life, and reduced cost are ever increasing. In this regard, research and development in materials design, manufacturing process, understanding of degradation mechanisms, advanced testing techniques, and modeling of materials behavior are crucial for meeting these challenges. This symposium will cover both fundamental and practical aspects of the areas of interest and especially encourage presentations that combine experiments with modeling and operational experience to enhance our understanding of materials behavior in service. Abstracts are solicited in, but not limited to the following topics: high temperature materials, high strength and light weight composites (CMC, MMC, PMC), "smart" materials such as periodic cellular materials, amorphous metallic glasses, nanostructured multifunctional materials, novel manufacturing processes (forming, joining, casting, heat treatment), environmental protective coatings (wear, corrosion, oxidation), functional coatings (bio-nanomaterial, radar-absorbing), advanced materials evaluation techniques, modeling and life cycle management. The symposium will publish a full proceeding and submissions with manuscripts will be considered for oral or poster presentations.




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