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COM 2012 - 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, held with Pressure Hydrometallugy 2012
Towards Clean Metallurgical Processing for Profit and Socio-environmental Stewardship

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Metallurgical operations have come a long way in reducing their environmental footprint, thanks to technological advancements and a better understanding of processes. This has led to emissions reductions through both core process changes and end-of-pipe treatment. This symposium will focus on the practical and fundamental aspects of cleaner metallurgical processing with a view on both historical and future trends. The following are the planned sessions in this symposium.

  • A survey of primary metallurgical operations and their environmental footprint reduction through application of technology.
  • Global trends in new legislation governing sulphur dioxide and particulate emissions, and the impact on metallurgical processing facilities.
  • Improvements in material handling and processing of secondary materials to reduce emissions in primary metallurgical operations..
  • Enabling technologies for minimizing generation and/or reprocessing of slag, revert and offgas from metallurgical operations.
  • Best practices for improving in-plant hygiene and minimizing health risks in primary metallurgical operations.
  • New technologies for end-of-pipe treatment of emissions from metallurgical operations.

A short course and technical tours to major operations in Canada are planned.

Call for Papers

COM 2012 will be a unique opportunity to update participants on new technological, scientific, economic and strategic trends in the industry and academia. Among the numerous attendees, there will be industry executives, representatives of universities and research institutes, students, design engineers, plant operators, policy makers, as well as metallurgical, materials, environmental and health experts from all over the world!

The Organizing Committee is inviting the submission of papers on any of the symposia themes. Abstracts should include:

1. The title of the paper.
2. An abstract.
3. Author(s) name, affiliation, complete address, email and telephone number.


A printed book and CD containing the presenting papers will be produced. All papers will be reviewed and edited by a technical committee prior to their final publication.

Short Course and Industrial Tour

Both a short course and industrial tour will be held in conjunction with the symposium. Potential short course topics include:

  • Ontario/Canada Regulatory Changes (presented by provincial and federal regulators)
  • Sulphuric Acid vs. Liquid SO2 vs. Elemental Sulphur Production (presented by technology suppliers/vendors)
  • Environmental Challenges in Sulphide Matte Converting (presented by operators and engineering designers)
More details will be posted soon.

Organizing Committee

Ron Schonewille, Xstrata Nickel, RSchonewille@xstratanickel.ca
Danny Rioux, Teck, danny.rioux@teck.com
Sina Kashani-Nejad, Hatch Ltd., SKashani-Nejad@hatch.ca
Matthew Kreuh, SNC-Lavalin, Matthew.Kreuh@snclavalin.com
Mika Muinonen, Vale, Mika.Muinonen@vale.com

Sponsored by the Pyrometallurgy Section of MetSoc.


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