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COM 2012 - 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, held with Pressure Hydrometallugy 2012
Sustainability Through Mining

Join us to learn how mining projects and their programs have positively shaped entire communities for better quality of life into the 21st Century. These projects have been fertile ground for the development of enterprises which in turn have had an effect on the progress in many fronts: health, quality of life, education, local environment, job creation, infrastructure development.

  • Effective engagement with communities
  • Improving communication with stakeholders (communities, government, NGOs, etc.)
  • Ensuring sustainability of community development initiatives, from exploration to past project closure
  • Worker and Population Influx Management
  • Incorporating environmental and social priorities into project design
  • CSR best practices.

Organizing Committee:

Mohammed Ali, Hatch Ltd.,mali@hatch.ca
Julia Davourie, Hatch Ltd.
Patricia Dawn Mills, University of British Columbia
Daniel Brosig, Hatch Ltd.

See what you missed at last year’s COM2011- Managing through Recession Symposium. Free Webcast of the presentations.

These papers were presented at the 50th Anniversary of the Conference of Metallurgist held in October 2011 and include speakers from MiHR, Deloitte & Touche, Worley Parsons and more. Click here at http://www.metsoc.org/metsoc/management_prez.asp

Sponsored by the Management Section of MetSoc.


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