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COM 2012 - 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, held with Pressure Hydrometallugy 2012
Pressure Hydrometallurgy

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Following up on the success of the Pressure Hydrometallurgy conference held in Banff, Alberta, Canada in 2004, this symposium will bring together internationally recognized scientists and engineers from metal producing companies, equipment suppliers, engineering firms, test laboratories and academia to discuss the latest developments in the field of pressure hydrometallurgy. Through this interaction, the symposium hopes to record the current state-of-the-art in this field and to promote further development.

The major symposium topics will include:

  • Industrial operations
  • Pressure leaching of sulphide concentrates and nickel laterites
  • Pressure oxidation of refractory gold feeds
  • Alumina, rare earths and new materials production by pressure hydrometallurgy
  • Platinum group metals and processing of mattes
  • Hydrogen reduction
  • Recycling, impurity control and stabilization of wastes
  • Piloting and new process development
  • Design and materials selection of autoclaves and auxiliary equipment
  • Measurement and process control
  • Chemistry, kinetics, thermodynamics, hydrodynamics and modeling of autoclave processes

Short Course and Industrial Tours

Both a short course and industrial tours will be held in conjunction with the Pressure Hydrometallurgy symposium. More details will be posted.


A printed book and CD containing the presented papers will be produced. All papers will be reviewed and edited by a technical committee prior to their final publication.

Organizing Committee

Mike Collins (Chair), Sherritt International, mcollins@sherritt-tech.com
Juris Harlamovs, Teck Resources, Juris.Harlamovs@teck.com
Robbie McDonald, CSIRO, Robbie.Mcdonald@csiro.au
Paul Tucker, Fluor Canada, paul.tucker@fluor.com

Sponsored by the Hydrometallurgy Section of MetSoc.


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