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COM 2012 - 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, held with Pressure Hydrometallugy 2012
Poster Session

Poster Session will be held October 1 and 2nd. See the below schedule for specific operational hours (hours subject to change):

  • Sunday, September 30: Posters set up before 9pm
  • Monday, October 1 and Tuesday, October 2: Poster session
  • Wednesday, October 3: tear down

Poster presenters must register by September 3.

Judging for Students Only.


Cash prized and gifts will be awards to the best posters in various categories. Your chance to show off! You will receive an email confirmation that your poster has been received. All posters are welcome and we do not have an approval/review process for Posters. Deadline to submit posters is August 1.

Poster Instructions for All

Every author should be aware of the following recommendations before preparing their posters:

  • Poster size – Maximum 90 X 120 cm (3ft wide X 4ft tall). You will share your board with another presenter.
  • Readability – Background and font colours have to be chosen in order to get enough contrast and be easily legible from a distance of three feet.
  • Set-up –Participants will be asked to set-up their poster before 21:00 on Sunday. Judging will take place between TBA.
  • Attendance – Presenters should be present at their poster during viewing time for conference delegates.
  • The author’s name and address and the title of the paper, his/her student status should be described on the top section of the Poster.
  • Material for attaching the posters and illustrations will be supplied by the organizers.

Judging Criteria - Criteria will consist of:

  • Technical Content – background, procedure, analysis and discussion of results, conclusions (valid and supported).
  • Appearance – overall layout, clarity, legibility and amount of text, quality of illustrations, graphs and micrographs.
  • Oral Presentation – organisation, clarity, timing.

Call for Posters is now closed!

All posters are welcome and we do not have an approval/review process for Posters.


Leili Tafaghodi (University of Toronto): leili.tafaghodikhajavi@utoronto.ca
Mehdi Taheri (McMaster University): taherm@univmail.cis.mcmaster.ca


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