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COM 2012 - 51st Annual Conference of Metallurgists, held with Pressure Hydrometallugy 2012
Corrosion: Recent Advances & Sustainability

The focus of this symposium is to gain insights into the recent advances in corrosion science and how the move toward more sustainable design is impacting these advances. Areas of interest to this symposium are:

  • Corrosion in the general energy sector including nuclear
  • Renewable energy generation and corrosion
  • Integrity of gas and oil transportation infrastructure
  • Corrosion issues and industrial production
  • Corrosion monitoring and detection
  • Electrochemical techniques of determination of corrosion rates
  • Environmentally friendly corrosion protection methods
  • Sustainable designs.

Symposium Chair:

George Jarjoura, Dalhousie University,george.jarjoura@dal.ca

Sponsored by the Materials Section of MetSoc.


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