Syncrude Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development

Syncrude Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development - Description

The Syncrude Award for Excellence in Sustainable Development promotes the Canadian minerals industry as an active seeker of sustainability solutions that engage and affect the Canadian public. Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable development includes the interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars of economic development, social development and environmental protection.

This award recognizes extraordinary systems, programs or processes that have far-reaching and positive sustainability effects in all industry sectors across Canada. It recognizes those individuals, communities, organizations, corporations or academics that are working to create economic wealth while mitigating environmental impacts and acting inclusively towards all segments of society.

This Year's Winners - 2011

IAMGOLD Corporation - Zero Harm Vision IAMGOLD Corporation
Zero Harm Vision
Toronto, ON

“Zero Harm” is the vision that guides all operations and activities undertaken by IAMGOLD. The company is committed to achieving the highest standards in human health and safety, to minimizing its impact on the environment, and to working cooperatively with its host communities.

IAMGOLD’s HSS policies and frameworks are built on international best practices and are designed to translate their Zero Harm vision into actual and sustained performance. Zero Harm is both a goal and a journey, and to help meet its commitments, IAMGOLD enlists partnerships of host countries, communities, civil society partners and, most important, its employees.

Specifically, Zero Harm means: no fatalities, no medical aids, DART (no days away, no restriction or transfer of duties), no significant impact on host communities or the environment.

Zero Harm leads to increased productivity and decreased costs associated with accidents, encourages host communities and countries to engage in business, and promotes responsible mining worldwide.

James P. Cooney James P. Cooney
Vancouver, BC

For over 35 years, Jim Cooney has been a mining industry leader and consensus builder in Canada and overseas. He was at the forefront of the mining industry's movement to sustainable development.

Initially based at Cominco (now Teck), Jim spent most of his career at Placer Dome (now Barrick). His work has focused on the social and political challenges of mining in less developed regions of the world.

In the early 1990s, he was in the minority in the industry in advocating sustainable development as a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing environmental, community and governmental issues. In 1996, Placer Dome became the first mining company to adopt a corporate sustainable development policy and program of action.

During the next four years, as chair of the Public Policy Committee of the ICME (now ICMM), Jim led member companies to adopt an Industry Sustainable Development Charter, which became the launch pad for the Global Mining Initiative and MMSD project. He continues to contribute his insights and concepts to the ongoing dialogue between the industry and its stakeholders.