Coal Award - Origin Coal Award

The Coal Award was established by the Coal Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum and approved by CIM Council for presentation in 1983. This Award was established to honour CIM Members who have made outstanding contributions to the coal industry of Canada and who have also been active participants in the Coal Division of CIM.

The Coal Award winner receives a gold medallion set in a triangular purspex stand with an inscribed mounted brass plate. The Award is funded by the Coal Division of CIM.


1. To be awarded to a person who has been a Member of CIM for at least fifteen (15) years, who has made an outstanding contribution to the coal industry in Canada, and has also been active in the Coal Division of CIM.

2. The award may be presented from time to time as circumstances warrant, but not more than one award shall be made in any given year.

3. Nominations for the award shall be made over the signatures of at least ten (10) CIM national members and forwarded to the Executive Director of the Institute by December 15th of the year prior to the presentation of the award.

4. Every nomination must be accompanied by an authenticated description of the personal achievement of the nominee.

5. Nominations will be submitted to the CIM Coal Division Award Committee who will make the final decision.

6. The Committee shall present its report and recommendations to CIM Council not later than the last Council meeting held prior to the next Annual General Meeting of the Institute.

7. No members of the Institute Honours Committee shall be party to the nomination of any candidate.

8. When reasonably possible, the recipient shall be expected to receive the award in person during the course of the Annual General Meeting of the Institute following the announcement of the award.

9. All nominations properly presented shall remain in good standing for a period of three (3) years unless formally withdrawn over the signatures of a majority of members responsible for the nomination.

10. Nominees must be CIM National Members.