CIM-Bedford Canadian Young Mining Leaders Awards

Origin and Descriptions

CIM-Bedford Canadian Young Mining Leaders Awards

The CIM–Bedford Canadian Young Mining Leaders Award encourages and accelerates the development of leadership in Canadian mining by recognizing outstanding achievement and the potential of young Canadian mining leaders from around the world.

It recognizes workers 39 years of age or less for exceptional achievement, as well as their potential for future leadership growth in various sectors of mining, including:

  • Corporate performance
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Technical services and innovation
  • Marketing and trading
  • Services and support functions


  • Nominees must be either Canadian citizens or landed immigrants 39 years of age or under working for any mining company, engineering/consulting firm, contractor or supplier in the industry anywhere in the world.
  • Nominator (individual submitting the nomination form) must also work in the mining industry.
  • Nominees will be selected based on the following criteria:
    • Their vision and ability to see the bigger picture in their organization’s context and their capability to communicate that vision to others.
    • Their performance in terms of executing and achieving goals and objectives.
    • How they engage others at different levels of the organization to help them feel valued and respected members of the company.
    • Their expertise in team-building and improving team performance.
    • Their sensitivity to social responsibility.


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Late submissions will not be accepted.


All nomination packages will be reviewed by an advisory board made up of senior representatives from the mining industry, CIM and The Bedford Consulting Group. A shortlist will be prepared and reviewed by a selection panel comprised of senior industry executives. Shortlisted nominees and their nominators will be interviewed before final selection.

All awardees will be notified in writing by The Bedford Consulting Group and CIM prior to the CIM Conference and Exhibition.

A winner is advised of the identity of their nominator only if the nominator gives permission to do so.

The Bedford Consulting Group and CIM do not contact nominees to advise them of their nomination.