COM 2014 - 53rd Annual Conference of Metallurgists
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COM 2014 - 53rd Annual Conference of Metallurgists
Short Courses

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Short Course
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COM 2014 will offer multiple short courses that mirror the technical program content of the conference. Short courses will be held prior and during the conference. Register here!

Short Courses listed below:

Control of Mineral Processing Systems
(Fri. Sept 26 to Sun. Sept. 28)
Start: 8:00AM
Location: Georgia A room, 2nd floor, Hyatt Regency

Energy Storage Course Overview
(Wed. Oct. 1)
Start: 9:00AM
Location: Cypress, 34th floor, Hyatt Regency Hotel

SHORT COURSE: Control of Mineral Processing Systems

Date: September 26-27-28, 2014
Length: 3 days
Location: Georgia A room, 2nd floor, Hyatt Regency

Participants must bring their own laptop and be able to run Excel 2007 with the solver Add-in installed.

The course is intended for senior and junior engineers responsible for, or involved in the operation or design of mineral processing plants. The session is especially well suited to those requiring an introduction or refresher on what is now a cornerstone technology.

Recent progress in instrumentation and control hardware as well as the rapid development of optimizing controls now make it possible to consider a wide range of solutions for controlling a mineral processing plant. The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the subject ranging from topics germane to conventional or basic controls, to some of the more recent and exciting developments in optimizing control systems.

The participant should expect to gain a broad understanding of modern industrial controls, and to be better prepared to participate in decisions or programs relating to the design and development of effective process control systems.


SHORT COURSE: Energy Storage Course Overview

Date: Wednesday, October 1
Length: 1 day
Start: 9:00AM
Location: Cypress, 34th floor, Hyatt Regency Hotel
Instructor: Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, School of Chemical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia

Course Content

Introduction to Energy Storage
  • Why the need for storage?
  • Available energy storage technologies for stationary applications: pumped hydro, compressed air, fly-wheels, supercapacitors, chemical and electrochemical systems
  • Comparison of storage technologies based on application requirements (eg. power quality, back-up power, renewable energy storage, energy management etc); energy efficiency, capital costs and annualised costs. Criteria for selection of storage technology for specific applications.
Overview of Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
  • Advantages of electrochemical systems versus mechanical and thermal storage. Fuel cells versus batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Types of fuel cell technologies - benefits and disadvantages.
  • Overview and comparison of battery technologies available for stationary and mobile applications: Lithium ion; Lithium-air; Sodium - Sulphur; Lead-acid and UltraBattery; Zinc-Air; Zinc-Bromine; Redox Flow Batteries (Fe/Cr , Vanadium (Generation 1, 2 and 3).
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each for different applications.
  • Li-ion Battery technologies for hybrid cars and electric cars and buses.
  • Recharging and refuelling options for electric cars and implications for grid supply.


MetSoc reserves the right to cancel the short courses if not enough participants are registered.

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