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COM 2014 - 53rd Annual Conference of Metallurgists
Metals & Mineral Processing & the Environment in Memory of Dr. Ram Rao

The challenges faced by society today, require an interdisciplinary approach in the development and in design of new mineral and mining processes with less wastes produced at lower energy consumption and increased recycling. Extraction of metals from a wide range of complex raw materials have generated significant impacts on the environment. Thus processing of wastes/byproducts and metals recycling are rapidly gaining importance both as the environmental footprint of metals extraction has to be reduced and the recovery of resources has to become more economic to sustain present wealth of our society and its development. Additionally the collection and processing of manufacturing wastes with it's increasingly complex post consumer products has to becoming more efficient and sophisticated. This will be possible through novel application of mineral processing techniques to sort and upgrade waste streams where smelters in particular will play an important role in closing the life cycle loop.

The symposium series aims at creating a forum where stakeholders including academia, industry and government can share their knowledge and experiences as well as develop approaches to tackle these issues. The focus will be on exploring and discussing latest research trends, challenges in industry and identifying areas of success and partnership opportunities.

The topics include (but are not limited to) :

  • Sustainable materials and valuable metals recovery
  • Recycling of metals from end-of-life products and electronics
  • Recycling of metals from metallurgical by-products such as tailings, slag, dust reduction of air emissions (e.g. SO2, NOx, PM, metals)
  • Reduction and recycling of process waste water
  • Treatment, process and reuse of tailings
  • Minerals processing
  • Energy and efficiency
  • Heavy metals and the environment
  • Novel processes and alternative technologies
  • Applications and case studies

The knowledge, capabilities and strengths of the participants and their papers will be instrumental to the success of the symposium.

We personally invite you to submit an abstract to the Metals and Mineral Process and the Environment in Memory of Dr. Ram Rao.


COM 2014 Program

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