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COM 2014 - 53rd Annual Conference of Metallurgists
Arsenic Metallurgy & the Environment

Update delegates with the latest metallurgical developments in Arsenic management, handling of high arsenic feedstocks, abatement practices and monitoring.

Planned sessions include:

  • Challenges Review of Arsenic production/ treatment capacity/ challenges etc - "Big picture"
    -Uses and markets for arsenic
    -South American challenges and opportunities
    -As use in electronics/ new / novel uses?
    -As challenges in recycling of E-waste?

  • Health and Hygiene Issues
    -Toxicity studies in As
    -NiAs toxicity
    -Long term stability of CaAsO4
    -Management of arsine gas in refinery
    -Validity of TCLP tests

  • Opportunities -pyro treatments
    -Partial Roasting of Copper concentrates for Arsenic removal
    -MMH plant commissioning
    -Sulphation roasting of Enargite

  • Opportunities - Hydro Treatments
    -Stabilisation of arsenic by treatment with roaster gases
    -CoAs treatment to recover precious metals
    -Tooilite- a natural alternative to scorodite
    -Recent work at U Catolica del Norte (Antofagasta)

  • Fundamentals and research
    -Thermochemical data updates- Factsage database
    -Behaviour of arsenic sulphide vapour in the presence of active CaO and FeO


COM 2014 Program


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