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COM 2013 Conference of Metallurgist Hosted by MS&T13
Water and Energy in Mineral Processing


The 9th UBC-McGill Symposium on Fundamentals of Mineral Processing will be organized in 2013 by the University of Alberta as part of the COM 2013. COM_2013_Water_Mineral_ProcessingThe theme will be Water and Energy in Mineral Processing. Water is a process medium in mineral processing, oil sands extraction, and coal washing. Water is also a precious commodity that is being viewed with increasing importance around the world due to continued consumption and environmental regulation. Recycling/reuse of process water is an essential step to reduce or eliminate the intake of fresh water while minimizing the disposal of process-affected water for environment protection. To this end, it is important to understand the interfacial science and interaction of process-affected water with solids in both comminution and physical-chemical separation. This symposium will cover the fundamentals of water chemistry and its role in grinding and separation for enhancing the recovery of valuable minerals and a better handling of tailings in mineral processing, oil sands extraction, and coal washing.

  • Impact of water chemistry on grinding efficiency and grinding energy
  • Chemistry of process-affected water in froth flotation
  • Interfacial phenomena of ultra-fine grinding in process-affected water
  • Challenges of mineral processing in high salinity water
  • Processing of coal and oil sands in recycle water
  • Water chemistry in tailings treatment
  • Impact of process-affected water on environment
  • Minimizing water use in physical-chemical separation.



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