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COM 2013 Conference of Metallurgist Hosted by MS&T13
Advances in Hydroelectric Turbine Manufacturing and Repair


COM_2013_Hydraulic_TurbinesEfficiency and long-term fatigue life of hydraulic turbines and their surrounding assemblies are of utmost importance for the hydropower industry. Usually made of thick walled high-strength steels for resisting hydraulic loads, corrosion and cavitation, the large hydroelectric turbine components are a challenge to shape and assemble. On the manufacturing side, controlling the residual stress distribution is important for long term fatigue life and, in order to enhance power efficiencies, a high quality surface finish is also mandatory when fabricating the complex 3D geometries on the turbine components. Experimentation, research and technology development in characterizing the microstructure and properties of high strength thick gauge assemblies, incorporating phase change effects in the fusion zone and heat-affected zone into FE codes, adapting novel manufacturing processes to high grade steels and substituting innovative materials for fixed hydraulic shapes are of primary interest for the hydropower industry.

This call is to solicit researchers to submit abstracts, covering but not limited to, the following technical topics:

  1. Materials characterization of thick welded joints
  2. Fatigue and fracture in welded structures
  3. Hydraulic turbines wear and repair techniques
  4. New forming and joining techniques
  5. Numerical modeling and simulation of manufacturing processes
  6. Grinding, surface finishing and robotization
  7. Composites materials for hydropower applications
  8. Non-destructive inspection techniques
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