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COM 2013 Conference of Metallurgist Hosted by MS&T13
Rare Earth Elements


COM_2013_RARE_EARTHRare earth elements (REEs) are found today in catalytic convertors, plasma TVs, wind turbines, smartphones, and other high-tech applications from electronics to medicine. They have unique properties that make them indispensable for a plethora technological applications. Rare earths are not traditional commodities, rather they are speciality chemical products which need to be developed for specific end uses. Metallurgy, therefore, is critical to the business of rare earths. Following last year's tremendous response this year's symposium will address:

  • Rare Earth Elements (REE) - Industry Overview
  • REE Beneficiation – mineral processing
  • Hydrometallurgical Extraction of REE - from ore, concentrates, and recycled material
  • Materials of Construction and Equipment - considerations in REE hydrometallurgical processing
  • Separation of REEs - technology, feed specifications, chemical and physical specifications of products
  • REEs, the Environment, and Recycling
  • Optical, photonic, electronic, and magnetic properties and applications of rare-earth-based materials
  • Synthesis and characterization of rare-earth-based materials and hybrids
  • Energy applications of rare-earth-based materials
  • Biomedical applications of rare-earth-based materials


Printed copies of the proceedings of the Rare Earth Elements Symposium can be purchased. Buy proceedings now!



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