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COM 2013 Conference of Metallurgist Hosted by MS&T13
Industrial Tours

Industrial tours are planned post conference. All tours are limited in capacity. MetSoc of CIM reserves the right to cancel 30 days prior should registration be insufficient.


Tour#1: National Research Council of Canada's Aerospace Manufacturing

Related Symposium: Advanced Materials, Processes and Evaluation Methods for Aerospace and Defence Applications

Date: Thursday, October 31
Maximum number of participants: 50
Time: 8:00-17:00
Included: Bus transport and lunch
Price: $100/person

The National Research Council of Canada's Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre is located on the campus of l'Université de Montreal. This world-class facility is home to over 100 expert staff, including guest workers from industry and universities, who work to develop core competencies and demonstrate cost-effective and modern aerospace manufacturing technologies that maintain high levels of quality, reliability and performance. The Centre supports the Canadian aerospace industry with critical expertise in forming and joining of metallic products; fabrication and joining of composite structures; automation, robotics and intelligent manufacturing systems; and advanced material removal. Established in 2004, the Centre is equipped with major research infrastructure that includes automated fiber placement machines, autoclaves, moulding and hydroforming systems, turning and machining centres, robots for welding, assembly and riveting, additive manufacturing and laser deposition facilities.

NRC facilities in Boucherville, Quebec are home to world-class polymer and metal processing research. R&D is focused on directly assisting Canadian industries such as the automotive, medical, mining and aerospace sectors. NRC Boucherville's integrated infrastructure supports proof of concept, simulation and prototyping activities as well as cutting-edge characterization and analysis facilities. Ground-breaking research activities include: nanofabrication, biomaterial development, advanced composites, process modeling and design software, powder metallurgy, spray coating research, surgical simulation and materials processing diagnostic equipment.

NRC's 150 on-site specialists provide science and technology based solution for companies looking for a completive edge through innovation. Their expertise supports the entire manufacturing value chain from primary materials producers, components manufacturing specialists to system integrators, instrumentation providers and equipment suppliers. Their leading-edge technologies are developed in collaboration with partners from Canada and around the world.

Tour#2: Hydro-Québec's Research Institute (IREQ) - CANCELLED

Registrants will receive a full refund.

Tour#3: McGill Metals Processing Centre (MMPC)

Symposium related: Light Metals for Transportation

Date: Thursday, October 31
Maximum number of participants: 45
Time: 8:00-12:00
Included: Bus transport
Price: $60/person

The MMPC, formed in 1990, is an internationally recognized Research Centre collaborating with industry in studies related to the processing of steels, light metals, and other advanced metallurgical materials. The Centre provides its graduate students and researchers with first-class facilities and state of the art equipment, so as to allow them to compete at the highest international levels. Within its laboratories, academics and their industrial counter-parts direct ''leading-edge'' research programs, aimed at the sustainable processing and production of metals and alloy systems. The Centre's research program is centred on the quantitative description and mathematical modelling of liquid and solid metal processing operations. The application of computers in mathematical analyses, and in data acquisition and transfer, are central themes of the MMPC's activities.


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